Emily's practice is rooted in slow fashion values, using traditional crafts such as patchwork, natural dyeing, embroidery and quilting to create her garments and accessories.

Her aim is to produce wearable items that oppose fast fashion expectations, especially the waste it creates and encourages. She hopes that the hand crafted love put into her clothes will compel each wearer to value the time and skill involved, and thus take care of each item for years to come.

All materials used in her practice are natural and sourced as sustainably as possible. 

Emily works from her home studio in Edinburgh, Scotland.


Emily graduated in 2013 from Edinburgh College of Art with a First Class Honours degree in Textiles and was also awarded best graduating degree show in Textiles.

In 2018 she completed her MFA in Textiles at ECA, for which she received funding from the Dewar Arts Award for both years of postgraduate studies. Edinburgh College of Art also awarded her the John L Paterson award to help fund her second year at the university. After graduating she also won the postgraduate runner-up prize courtesy of the Worshipful Company of Dyers.